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Flower Wall by Daniel Childress

Flower Collage by Daniel Childress

My love for Mother Nature began as a young girl experiencing small adventures. Walks with my grandfather learning the names of trees, exploring and collecting treasure on a cousin's Missouri farmland and my first book on birds, given to me by my beloved grandmother all helped this wonderment flourish.

I've since been an avid collector of leaves, pressed flowers and other elements of the outdoors. My life's path has lead me to a wonderful family and group of friends and a collection of special moments with them.


One of those was a day spent with my granddaughter Bee, doing a simple art project with sticks and acorns.
From that, Bee in the Bucket sprang to life.

My creations are composed entirely of sticks, flowers and other Earthly odds n' ends. The pieces and portraits you see are inspired by my loved ones, the seasons and my imagination. These works come together slowly..every little seed, stem and blossom helps bring these compositions to life. Upon completion a photo is snapped before it's time to send the foliage back into nature. 


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